BACKBOSS: the first petrol-powered backpack generator

Imagine going on an expedition, trimming a long hedge, carrying out small building repairs or being ready for an urgent public assistance.
Imagine now that you need a stable power source, also by USB connection.

Backboss is the perfect ally for people like you, people who never stop.

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900 Watt

Eco function



13,5 Kg

Noise level

102dB (A)



BACKBOSS: the new revolutionary generator

Backboss is the portable petrol-powered shoulder generator equipped with inverter technology, made with Honda 4T engines. Practical and easy to transport, it is indispensable for those who need to carry out activities without electrical connection or during a blackout.

  • Travels / Expeditions
  • Gardening / Agriculture
  • Maintenance
  • Public Services
  • Rescue Services
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Power at your fingertips

With Backboss you always carry all the power you need.


Practical and parallelable


Stable and Reliable

Always available

Compatible and Universal

Clients feedback

" We went on an excursion.
Thanks to Backboss we were able to charge our devices and light up our camp site! "

- Luca C. Alpinist

"I have been assisting Civil Protection organizations as a volunteer for years. Rescue missions often requires us to operate in remote and inaccessible areas. Backboss provides us with the extra support we require. We even customized Backboss with our team colors!"

- Alessandro T. Civil Protection Volunteer

More than a generator

Backboss is compatible with many accessories.

Do you need light?
The 5400 lumen adjustable led lamps provide excellent night vision.

Do you want to customize your Backboss generator?
You can, with your own colors and other details.

Are you a real warrior?
Backboss is all you need.

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